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About Diamond Air

Diamond Certified Home Pro is dedicated to giving you better life quality through the air you breathe. Using state of the art, industry-leading equipment, Diamond offers professional cleaning, repairs, and maintenance for your home HVAC system to keep it running smooth and the make sure the air you breathe is clean. The ventilation system is your homes respiratory system and without proper care and upkeep, it can lead to allergies and other breathing issues for everyone in the home. But, Air vent and duct maintenance are often one of the most neglected needs in your home. Diamond Air experts specialize in air duct cleaning and repairs, dryer vent cleaning, and optimizing your system’s performance throughout Los Angeles County, Riverside County, Inland Empire, and Orange County.

All Diamond Home Pro technicians know that a good working ventilation system should do three things; control and decrease airborne pollutants such as outside pollen that drifts in through open windows and vents, dust and pet hair, introduce ample outdoor air and distribute throughout the home, and maintain relative humidity and proper temperatures.

Each residential and commercial technician is highly trained and certified in inspecting, cleaning, and repairing your heat or air conditioning ventilation system. Diamond Air makes sure your system operates at optimal efficiency whether you perform regular maintenance or this is your first time in years