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Air Duct Cleaning & Repairs

Diamond Air Duct Cleaning and Repairs Near OntarioA critical but often overlooked component of any heating/air conditioning system is the ductwork.  When properly installed, maintained and cleaned, the air ducts efficiently carry the heated or cooled air to all the rooms in the home or business.  When they aren’t, it can mean the owner is paying higher utility bills and breathing dirty, unhealthy air.

The ductwork consists of two kinds of ducts. The Supply ducts carry the heated/cooled air, under pressure created by the blower, from the furnace/AC unit to the rooms of the premises.  The Return ducts draw air from the rooms and carry it back to the furnace/AC unit.  Thus, the air is being recycled through the furnace/AC unit to the rooms and back again.  This saves money because the furnace/AC unit works less hard than if it was heating/cooling air from the outside.  However, it allows a more rapid build-up of dust, pollens and other contaminants in the ducts.

Air duct systems can have problems.  If the ducts are not installed properly, they can be kinked or pinched, restricting airflow, or they may not be insulated or insulated inadequately.  Sometimes the registers or the connections between duct segments are not sealed correctly.

Even installed properly, the ductwork may not be adjusted properly, causing an unbalanced airflow throughout the system.  The result is some rooms feel too warm and others too cold.

As the ductwork ages, the ducts and seals deteriorate.  Flexible ducts are especially susceptible after 10 to 15 years and probably need to be replaced.  Leaky ductwork loses warmed/cooled air causing higher utility bills.  It also allows dust, animal hair, pollens, animal droppings (in older structures) and other contaminants in.  Even when filters are changed regularly, these contaminants can build up in the ducts, and then spread throughout the home or business.

Faulty ductwork is not obvious like a leaky pipe.  However, there are symptoms to observe, such as higher heating and cooling utility bills; certain rooms that are difficult to keep warm or cool, or always seem stuffy or uncomfortable.  An inspection of the ductwork may reveal it is kinked or damaged, or located in the attic, crawl space or in the garage where there is no temperature control.

Our technicians at Diamond Air have the training, experiencing to maintain residential and commercial heating/cooling systems, including the ductwork and the blower motor.  Our experts will inspect the ducts to ensure they are in good condition, properly sealed at the connections and registers, and clean.  Does something need fixing? They can make the repairs.  Dirty ducts?  They are specialists trained to use the Rotobrush Vacuum system to ensure all ductwork is clean.  Schedule a maintenance appointment soon and breathe cleaner air.