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Dryer Vents Cleaning

Folks rarely think about the dryer in the laundry room or the ventilation system it uses to vent warmed air to the outside. They certainly do not consider it a fire hazard, and they rarely think about having it cleaned.

Both the U.S. Fire Administration and the Consumer Products Safety Commission report that clothes dryers cause 12,700 to 15,600 fires a year, respectively. These fires cause $75.4 to $88 million in property damage, kill 15 to 20 people and injure another 300 to 360 people every year. The Fire Commission lists “failure to clean” as the primary contributing factor in these fires in residential buildings.

A clothes dryer, electric or natural gas, generate a lot of heat that is vented through its ventilation system. The system includes a vent, typically covered by a screen and a flap, and a flexible vent pipe running from the back of the dryer to the wall.

Clothes dryers produce lint. Most lint is caught by the dryer’s lint trap or lint catcher. Some escapes to collect along the vent pipe or in the vent screen, creating places for mold to grow. The more lint builds up in the dryer ventilation system, the more the flow of heat and air is obstructed and the greater the chance of a fire.

There are several indications the dryer ventilation system is becoming blocked, including:

  • It’s been over a year since the system was cleaned professionally.
  • Clothing is not dry or feels unusually hot or smells musty after a normal drying cycle.
  • There are large accumulations of lint in the dryer lint trap or around the wall vent, especially if the vent flap no longer open and close properly.
  • The room where the dryer is located feels excessively warm after dryer operation.

Having the dryer ventilation system professionally cleaned annually is important. It ensures the flow of heat and air is unobstructed, reducing significantly the risk of fire and eliminating places where mold can grow. It saves energy (utility expense) also the wears and tears on both the dryer and the clothing being dried because the dryer can do its work in one cycle.

The trained technicians at Diamond Air are specialists at servicing dryer ventilation systems. They inspect thoroughly the pipe and vent, looking for excess lint build-up and any cracks or other places that may leak air. They then clean the system thoroughly, especially at any bends.

If you can’t remember when you last had your dryer ventilation system cleaned, or if you know it has been more than a year, contact us at Diamond Air to schedule a visit. Our technicians have the expert knowledge to service your ventilation system properly.